Lord declares you to buy & hold $LOR.

All hail the lord.

Ownership Renounced

The Lord will rule. Holders are servants. Obey the orders or be punished. 

Stealth Launched

Birthed out of nothing and rising up from the ashes of a fallen leader. Lord Squid will take over each chain starting with BSC.

Well Known Team

Developers were summoned by the fearless ruler himself. Collectively overseeing countless blockchain ventures.

Lords Treasury

A percentage based tax levied by holders used to maintain the lords luxurious life style and count as a entry fee to the $LOR kingdom.

Total Paid to the Lord





Secure & Safe

Blockchain Tech

Lord Squid was developed on the Binance Smart Chain as a smart contract.

Offering you a safe and secure trading environment, with LP locked, ownership renounced, & no large developer wallets.

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Banalities - 10%

Banalities are imposed by the Lord Squid on serfs in exchange for your participation and presence of the all mighty.


Holder Reflections


Lords Treasury


Development Costs


Liquidity Pool

Nishaka (Coin)

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Q: How can I get a my reflections?

Holders get reflections (rewards) as transactions are deployed through the contract. The longer you hold, the more you make.

Q: Why does the Lord get a %?

Questioning the ruler will result in your immediate ban from the kingdom. The Lord Squid has given you this opportunity and we are all grateful to him. 

Q: Disclaimer

By purchasing LordSquid Token, you agree that you are not purchasing a security or investment contract and you agree to hold the team harmless and not liable for any losses or taxes you may incur. Although $LOR is a community driven DeFi Ecosystem and not a registered digital currency, always make sure that you are in compliance with local laws and regulations before you make any purchase. Cryptocurrencies are not legal tender and are not investments.

"A policy is a temporary creed liable to be changed, but while it holds good it has got to be pursued with apostolic zeal." - Mahatma Gandhi

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